Język angielski
2017-06-26 10:38:29
opisz najprzyjemniejsze zdarzenie związane z jedzeniem, jakie przeżyłeś. Napisz przynajmniej 7 zdań. Po angielski. Proszę o pomoc pilne.
2017-06-26 17:17:45

This happened a few years ago when I was on holiday with my family. They knew that I was a great fan of the Japanese cuisine so they decided to treat me a large serving of sushi. I was really happy because I had never eaten sushi before so I finally had a chance to check if it was as delicious as people say. To my astonishment, it was prepared by a real Japanese cook who explained to me the way it is prepared. Frankly, it was absolutely the best stuff I have ever eaten in my life - I wanted to re-create it at home but to no avail. I am still waiting to visit Japan once again in order to treat myself such a great and tasty Japanese traditional dish. If you have not eaten this yet, you definitely should. 

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