Język angielski
2021-01-13 21:08:29
ANGIELSKI: Opisz swoją ulubiony pokój. Proszę o stosowanie zwrotów typu: near, left, right, itp. oraz nazwa kolorów. Poziom gimnazjalny!!
2021-01-14 03:07:09

My ideal room is not too small and not to big, just the right size. It has green walls and dark carpet. To the right there is a big double bed, with loads of pillows on it. Near the bed there is a bedside table, where i put an alarm clock and very handy things for everyday use, like my phone. My desk, is just infront my big window. It is the ideal place as the light beams at the desk all day. On my desk i have a laptop, beside you can find speakers and  stacks of books. 

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