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2021-04-08 00:01:29
opis wiewiórki po angielsku  
2021-04-08 06:18:44

Squirrel, squirrel ore species of squirrel. Reaches a body length of 20-24 cm and a tail of 17-20 cm, weight 200-300 grams. The hollow is his wrestling, live birds nests or build them myself. Nests are built in the trees, usually in the fork of a branch. Build it with grass and small twigs and moss lines the. These sockets have a single entrance hole. It is active during the day. Its diet consists of seeds, sprouts, mushrooms, fruits, but also insects, eggs and chicks. Stockpiling food, such as burying the seeds. Pregnancy lasts 38-39 days. A female born in one litter of 2 to 7 young. During the year, it usually 2-3 litters. In Poland, is fully protected.

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