Język angielski
2017-06-24 04:18:59
Past Continuous.Vs.Past.simple_3 My birthday party last week A week ago I ________ (have) my birthday party at my house. I ________ (want) to celebrate my 30th birthday with many friends and relatives so I ________ (invite) many people. It (take) place at 8 o’clock at my house and everybody ________ (be) there. My best friend ________ (bring) a big cake which was very delicious. I ________ (blow) out the candles and then we all ________ (have) a big piece of cake. After that we ________ (dance) to the music, ________ (sing) and ________ (enjoy) the food. Unfortunately something bad ________ (happen) at the end of the evening while my best friend ________ (come) down the stairs. As she ________ (walk) down the steps she ________ (slip) and fell . We all ________ (run) to her as she ________ (cry) with pain. We ________ (try) to help her stand up but it ________ (be) difficult so we ________ (call) the ambulance. The doctor ________ (say) she ________ (be) fine and that she ________ (not have) to stay in the hospital so we ________ (take) her home. While we ________ (drive) back from the doctor she ________ (tell) me that she ________ (be) sorry about my party but I ________ (say) I ________ (be) happy because she ________ (be) fine. In spite of the accident my party ________ (be) nice and we ________ (enjoy) ourselves but the most important thing is that my friend is fine.
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